PBA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee Grows

PBA’s Alternative Dispute Resolution Committee Grows
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David Fitzsimons is quoted in the PBA’s latest article in the Pennsylvania Bar News…

There was a time when all media­tors said mediation is the answer to everything,” said PBA ADR Co-chair David A. Fitzsimons, ADRFitz LLC, Carlisle, a solo practice mediator and arbitrator. “There are some disputes that people just need to be heard and have somebody decide who’s right and who’s wrong. But what we tell people a lot of times in mediation is: rather than having the parties hand over their future and their outcome to a judge, a jury or even an arbitrator, how about we sit around this table and engage in some facilitated discussions and see if we can come up with your own solution? The parties who have been living this dispute for years, weeks or months know more about it than any factfinder (judge, jury or arbitrator) is going to learn at trial. Oftentimes, the solutions are there; you just need help peeling back the resistance.

Read full article in the Pennsylvania Bar News from the Pennsylvania Bar Association: (Download)

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